“You do you.”

Simple. Admittedly, this is (when I think about it) one of my favourite lines and a mantra to which I try to live by. “Be yourself”, it says; “trust that what you say and do is for yourself, because the only way the world will learn to accept who you are is by giving them a chance to see you as you are”. And my goodness, even if obit recently, I have started to at least do right by myself. 

Given the intermittent nature of my postings, I tend to forget what I’ve already mentioned in my previous posts, so I apologise if I repeat myself; earlier in the year, a closer friend and I had travelled together for almost 2 months. Prior to departure and even during the process of planning the trip, I (more often than I am proud of) questioned whether he wanted to do this. Well, more specifically, whether I was the right person to travel with. I could go on and on about my insecurities which were amplified based on the fact that I didn’t want to tarnish our friendship based on whatever I did or didn’t do, or however I felt. And it sucks, but you know what? I’d let it get the better of me. 

I’m not saying I don’t have any find memories. But rather that I’d sabotaged myself in making many, many more. I’d let anxiety and my thoughts snowball, and when it got to the bottom of that hill, I crumbled. I’d like to think that I got better after a certain point, but I guess that’s debatable. 

But here’s the thing: it got worse once we got back home. Not necessarily in the same way, but we were both going home to some level of uncertainty; myself having to find a career after spending so long studying and hopefully a place to move out to soon after, and him having to sort out his own living arrangements and license (and consequently his job). Sadly, many of these and other concerns are yet to be resolved, but what made it irrefutably worse was his coping mechanism of shutting himself off, and mine of needing someone who understood the circumstances to be there within reach. Essentially, one thing had led to another; his distance made me question our friendship which was further shaken by the fact that his “lack of time and thoughts” were able to be suppressed for long enough for himself to find a girlfriend. I daresay this wound was eviscerated by how I’d found out and what little was ever done or said regarding it between us. 

Since then, our friendship has been borderline non-existent, whether he’d care to admit that himself. Even though I haven’t had the courage to address this in person on the extremely rare occasion that I have managed to see him, if I did, I’d want to apologise: for my weakness, but also for how I had gone about these things. This isn’t to say I apologise for them altogether, because if there is one thing I’ll shamelessly confess, it’s that the underlying message (whether or not he knows or not) holds true for me, which is that despite the friendship we had shared, to even pretend that we are remotely close to that way now would be insulting, and that my questioning had been justified. 

I have since then carried on with my life because I have to. I have wallowed in its loss and I think about it, and continue to miss him. But I have followed the you-do- you principle, and I’ve continued to work and partake in extracurriculars, and worked to keep my other friendships going. Meanwhile, as far as I can tell, he has continued with his life; I’m not in the position to say whether he is as happy as he considers himself possible (or at least as far as the elements under his control have it); I sincerely hope that he is and I regret that we’re not as we once were. But I can tell you the following: I wasn’t and am not happy with the way I was in dealing with my uneasiness, self-consciousness and insecurities both during the holiday and with the distancing of my friend. That was, technically, me doing me. And just like the next person, I continue to have habits I’m not proud of dictate so much of how I act, think and feel. Again, this is me doing me. But (in need of a better way of phrasing this) I’m not happy with that part of myself. I guess what I’m trying to say is that you-do-you is a great life philosophy of accepting others and owning yourself, but please, if the version of yourself is not the person that you want to be (at least with regards to your mental tenacity) in its entirety, don’t settle. 

If there’s something within your action and right to do, say or feel to improve yourself and optimise the situation, please do it (this isn’t to say do these things impulsively). Using my friendship example, in essence, I’ve told him I’m there if he needs it and that I’d welcome the friendship if the efforts are reciprocated. But much like a lot of things in life, I can’t force my way; can’t throw a tantrum to make things happen. I’ve done what I can within my power to keep the line of communication open from my end, and have caught up and carried on with other aspects of my life. 

I may not always be happy with the way things are, let alone with all of the components within my life at the same time, but I’d like to think that I’m at least on my way to fulfilling what I consider to be the you-do-you principle by doing what’s within my power to be the person I want to be and making sure I don’t give myself the chance of asking “would things be better had I said or done something?”. So, be the best version of yourself you can be and it’s okay to be afraid (not only is it naturally, but that’s how you know it matters), but don’t let the fear, anxiety or paranoia steal your opportunities. 



“How social are you?”

I know that that seems like an odd question, but really, just take a moment to consider it; not simply as a “do you enjoy the company of others”, but is it something you need? Or do you avoid it with every cell of your being?

Personally, I’m somewhat social. I know that’s a bit of a cop out and generic as a response, but it’s late and I suppose I can’t really be bothered to try think of a better definition, if I’m being honest. I like the company of my friends; creating memories with them, the inside jokes, our thoughts, the works, you know? But that being said, I need at least a bit of alone-time throughout the day as well. I love these people and don’t know what I’d do without them in my life, but I also cannot physically or mentally withstand being around groups of people for too long either. Sometimes I deal with it better than other times, but otherwise, I can be dismissive and quiet. Which, in my opinion, is fine. I’m just “that” sort of person, and I guess I feel like there’s no need to feel guilty over it (so long as I go about it in a socially appropriate manner i.e. I don’t go lashing out). That being said, there have been many a times where I have wished that I was more social.

It’s not that I’m not “sociable”, but that having to maintain a social facade for extended periods of time can exhaust me. In addition to this, I have a slight case of self-diagnosed social anxiety. Again, this doesn’t mean that I’m not amicable or congenial in the social setting; it’s an internal thing. I guess my most applicable example is of when I went on a tour during a recent holiday of mine. This, in summary, involved 40-odd people including myself travelling in a foreign country by bus over 3 weeks. The people were friendly and bubbly, and I’d comfortably say that people either liked me or were indifferent towards me (you can’t win them all). I tried to smile and on the rare occasion chime in a comment here and there to ensure that they knew I existed. But my god, it was tiring. Yet, my friend with whom I travelled with simply thrived in this environment. He loved the interacting and the attention. And naturally, in such a situation, the other loved him back. In retrospect, it was a good trip and experience, but at the time, there were many times where I was crippled by the number of strangers surrounding me; in the simplest and crises way to describe it, my innards felt constantly seized up. My chest a little tighter than usual and that constant niggling of nervousness. But I had spent my entire life putting out to the world the best version of myself (at least to those I am not that close with). And I guess this in itself made matters a little worse, when my friend did not know how to empathise; the uneasy sensation I was living with was unfamiliar to him, and on top of that, he continued to mistake my concerns of the situation to be that of how I was coming across to the others and whether I was liked. I tried to sort things out myself, but then felt lonely. I tried to immerse myself, then felt overwhelmed. It did gradually get better, but I have to admit that I wished that it could have been better than it was.

So, this leads me to wanting to become someone who can be more social, not on an outward level, but an inward level, if that makes sense. What I mean is that, I know I can play the part if need be, but the real problem at hand is how I feel in these situations. I’d like to think of this as a self-improvement project of sorts; I assure you that this is no unhealthy obsession of mine.. Anyhow, this trip, in addition to various other ongoing of my personal life, led me to download several apps; a mix of social and dating apps. 

I’m presuming that we are all aware as to how dating apps tend to function, so I won’t elaborate on these. The social apps are more or less the same thing but without the romantic prospects. So, here (unlike, say Tinder or Bumble), people remain to present the best version of themselves admittedly, but provide a much more helpful profile for you to essentially start a conversation if you wish. It’s weird in a sense, because in both realms, everyone is clearly there for distinct motives, but despite this, the way the conversation starts, continues and finishes is completely different. An example: if I was to ask someone how their weekend was going, 95% of the time I can tell you that the dating app responder (despite having mutually matched) will not respond. This sucks for people like me where this is how I’d start a normal conversation. Don’t get me wrong, I get that these people want me to start things off with something a little more interesting, quirky or funny, but the reality is, what difference does it make when I’m just trying to talk with you. Surely given our reciprocated initial reactions, it won’t hurt you to simply respond and take it from there. Why is it that as soon as this courtship moves online, what you’d do in person is just disregard – yes, a joke does well in-person, but if I was to ask how you’ve been in person, you wouldn’t sit there staring at me nonresponsive for the rest of the evening? 

Similarly, I’m not talking about everyone that I’ve spoken with, but I’ve come to increasingly notice that these people that I match online are just as bad, if not worse, at carrying out these conversations. I confess that I am a male and there have been plenty of cases where my gender has been disappointingly sleazy or dismissive. But like any case, this isn’t all of us. And I feel that when I start messaging someone, I have put in the effort; I try and find topics to talk about and continue to ask questions as to keep the conversation rolling. But here’s the thing: many of these people I contact simply fail to bother. I don’t know how else to explain it. Here I am, trying to discuss and converse, but many of the respondents answer the questions in the shallowest forms and give nothing back. So, here’s the thing, everyone: it’s fine if you end up not being interested. At least have to courtesy and courage to let the other person know. And in the case that you’re interested, actually give a little something back; otherwise, it makes people like me feel stupid for wanting to try and gets us sick of trying. Not saying you’re not worth putting in effort for, but it’s a two-way street and it’s almost stupid to presume that you are entitled to these strangers to put in their time and effort for someone who will only reveal themselves 2 words per response.

So, I guess I’m just frustrated at people again:

1) dating and even socialising is not all about you. Be careful not to come across disinterested, dismissive, or narcissistic especially if you’re interested 

2) put a little effort in. Caring isn’t too hard, and you clearly knew what you were getting yourself into

3) respect others. It doesn’t matter if you don’t agree with certain aspects of their lives, because it’s not for you to judge and act out on your judgement. No one declared you to be the supreme over-ruler of this world, nor them. You are one member of 7 billion, so don’t feel so entitled as to define someone else’s life. Enjoy your life, enjoy the company of others, and smile a little more.


To Whom It May Concern,

Admittedly, it has been years since I have last visited this blog of mine. I’m not making excuses, as in all honesty, I don’t really feel guilty, and consequently, I’m not apologising. The reality being, I fell out of habit (this isn’t to say I stopped enjoying writing or appreciated its catharsis any less); life carried along and I was swept away with it.  

More or less embarrassingly, the reason for my reappearance has been another ‘tick’, a trigger, a leave – call it what you will. So, here it goes:

Recently, I found myself driving my friend home after the movies. Proudly enough, I have never been one to exceed the speed limit – however subordinate I may come across, I take driving seriously wherein I know very well that I am not the best of drivers and don’t feel the need to jeopardise this privilege let alone those around me by indulging my impatience. I don’t feel the need to apologise or feel guilty (for a change) when I am travelling at the designated pace and you’re in a rush simply due to your own incapacity to manage your time more appropriately. In the same realm of thought, I feel that it is not so hard to respect others. What I’m leading to is that if someone indicates to switch lanes (for example), simply let them in as you would hope for if the roles had been reversed. I bring this up because as I was driving that night (around 1130pm), a car behind me and I were both changing to the adjacent lane. We both indicated as necessary. However, when it actually came to my changing lanes, the other car sped up, by which point I had started my switch. For this reason, the other car felt it appropriate to honk their horn. I have been wrong before many a times and will continue to be so without doubt, but I simply have to question whether I was actually in the wrong, or whether people just need to relax.

I guess, ultimately, this thought was triggered because I have spent the last 5 years in retail. Before going on, I’m aware that the industry is quite exhausting – I haven’t naively continued to work without knowing that it is difficult to always be the best version of yourself regardless of what is thrown at you (literally and figuratively). But this has not prevented my disappointment in most of the public. 

Please believe me when I say this is no mere and pathetic complaint about how hard a child of the 90s has it in this world. It is a plea towards however many readers there are out there to just indulge my hopes for a moment. And I apologise if this comes across blunt or aggrrssive, but the message must be conveyed: I beg of you to get over yourselves (ironic given the nature of this post, o understand). What I mean by it is please take a moment to be aware of how you’re treating people. It sounds simple, but I have come to think otherwise. Too many times have I come across people who feel that they can get what they want by being aggressive. Dominant. Patronising and condescending.  Intimidating. These people do not consider the emotional impact their actions behold upon the listener. I understand that somethings may be someone’s ‘fault, but what good does it do to push theadness around? I am so sick of those that feel that they are entitled to that much more than those that surround them simply based on their pay check or some probably mislplaced idea that they’ve earned the right given how hard they have worked. Customer service is not congruent with slavery. Aggressively taking what you feel you have a right towards is not a win, especially since we on the other side did not ask for a battle to begin with.  Kindness and selflessness should not be synonymous with feeble-minded obedience and weak will. If anything, I insist that we change our perspective such that we admire those that are able to put others first; for these souls to be placed on a pedestal every so often rather than considering them to be your target to be broken. To be cracked open, like one of those chocolate eggs only so that you can grab at the toy inside.

There are still many things that the us to each other, the most undeniable being the human experience. Strip back the chaos, the prejudice, the ego of it all, and we are fundamentally the same. We are trying to get by, however ornately or minimalistically that may be. So, as I wrap this up (feeling deflated and defeated by the world), here is my plea, my wish, my hope:

Take a moment to appreciate – the things that you have and the people surrounding you. Continue to work hard, because then you know that what you gain is what you have earned (and sometimes, it may seem like you’ve been hustled, but there is no problem with developing a tenacious work ethic). Treat each person with the respect that they deserve as a human, and never perceive them to be lesser than you. They, like you, are trying. And lastly, stop pushing your problems to those that are not at fault. I myself admit I can be a hypocrite here, but more often than not, I price myself in being able to suck it up and carry on. There is a difference between venting and lashing out. We simply cannot afford to spread and grow the hate that already exists in this world. There is always someone to talk to, so why should it be okay to ignore the help that is so selflessly available just so that you can selfishly infect another with anger, confusion, disappointment, sadness – whatever it may be? Just ask yourself, who gave you the right?

Be kind.

Be selfless.

Be mindful.

Be human.

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Well, well, well! I knew I hadn’t written in a good long while, but that month and a half has gone by quickly! So, for the few people who had read my posts and had courageously chosen to follow, I sincerely apologise! And I won’t keep you waiting any longer: here it goes.

Opinions and critiques. We all have them, right? Despite whether you voice them or internalise them, everyone has an opinion, or thought. And that’s including in a totalitarian, mind-washed government too; I mean, even the brainwashed minions ‘believe’ their high-and-mighty to be the best. And I suppose being the highly-evolved animal with an ever-growing language really doesn’t stop this frighteningly rapid growth of voices.

Don’t get me wrong, by no means am I insinuating that opinions should be taken away, let alone the voice of an individual; I am one for equality as far as humanitarian rights go. But in the case of this post, I’m not going that deep – compared to what the world frets over, what I say and have said are miniscule and rather insignificant; just a vent of my opinion as to release even the slightest tension lingering in my mind.

Anyhow, let’s not get too side-tracked.

What I’m ranting on about, essentially, is over-opinion. That fine line between sharing an opinion, a subjective viewpoint in a matter-of-fact way, such that it almost seems objective, and the aggressive world of criticising and castigating. I’m not going to deny the fact that I myself have, in the past, indulged in watching the few people being told off in my life; it’s just the better-you-not-me world we live in, isn’t it? And at the time, of course we think that the ‘victim’ in the scenario deserves the wrath of so-and-so; but in retrospect, did they?

Like in the past, I look at things from a social media perspective, and for this, I derive my inspiration primarily from YouTube. Just like any other youth, I spend a noticeable time on the internet, and as part of this web-trip, YouTube is often on my itinerary. While many people utilise YouTube to search what humorous videos or what vulgar record of a celebrity have been uploaded, my predominant use is for looking up music. And in case you’re unfamiliar with that world on YouTube, let me tell you, there are a lot of opinion. ‘Fair enough’, I suppose, I mean, music is an art, and art is a medium for expression and perspective; it’s bound to conflict with some people, and the aim, to a certain degree, is to rouse discussion.

Discussion. You’d think that that wouldn’t be such a difficult task – just a matter of ‘I like this, because…’ or otherwise. But of course it isn’t as easy as that. It never is. Why? Back to the classic reason that the internet provides a physical barrier from those you attack; you throw a verbal punch and all you have to do is click that tiny little ‘x’ at the top of your screen to run away unscathed, and probably with a little bit of your resentment to the world gone.

Anyhow, what the main question is: why are all these people looking for fights? I simply do not understand this alpha-mentality, especially where people do not know nor care who you are. Sure, I get that people have resentment boiling and anger simmering from their day to day lives. We all do; some more so than others, but that again is subjective. But nonetheless, and I half-brag of this, gone out of my way simply to announce to the crowd that ‘my life is worse than yours. Pity me. Comfort me.’ or in this case ‘my life is worse than yours. So let me degrade yours so that mine becomes superior.’ Just a tip for those with this mind set: bringing down the world around you to make youself higher does not resolve matters; it makes everything worse. Sort of like when you’re eating ice cream out of the tub, where the ice cream’s societal ego – you keep eating away at it, and before you know it, you’re going to be living in an Orwell-style dystopia with Room 101’s down every corridor.

Do you know what is the annoying trend, though? That all these arguments are instigated because these people who dislike whatever they’re watching choose to comment. I’m not discouraging sharing of opinion in a passive manner, but to all those people who outspokenly say they hate this and hate that, why? No one asked you to watch this video, let alone finish watching it if you don’t like it so much. Either say something in an unobtrusive manner, click the dislike button, or simply walk away altogether. Showing every other internalising individual that this medium can be used for pouncing on faceless individuals is, I’m only guessing, not the reason that the internet was created for.

This being said, these over-enthusiastic lovers and fans are a bit too much. The only reason I haven’t been tearing into them as I have been with the put-downers is the fact that, although bordering scary, their comments are of encouragement. On which note, to the dislikers: discouraging people doesn’t make them any better at what they do; if you want them to get better, they have to practise and be motivated, you see? Anyhow, just as a piece of advice, as much as I can appreciate your appreciation for so-and-so, think before you submit, and consider whether you’re making yourself an easy target, because depending on the comment, many by-standers may think that you have very well deserved the wrath.

So yeah, the moral of the story: critiquing and sharing opinion is fine, but be social conscious in that you consider whether you’re being imposing, whether it be in the form of love or hate, and to stop using the internet as a guise to over-indulge on your suppressed emotions. Go outside. Make friends. Share your opinions privately with them.

Thanks for reading,


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Hey, hey!

So, let me just start off by apologising for the lack of posts in the past… Month or so, I think? Anyhow, just like the very next person, I have had things needing to be attended to; whether willingly or not is another matter, however. As a sum-up, since my last post, I’ve had university examinations (so much fun…) for 2-3 weeks, had gone on holidays with my friends for a week, and after a week-and-a-half of chilling, sleeping, and working, here I am. Anyhow, hope you’ve been well, everything fine-and-dandy; let us get started!

Let’s blame a disrupted sleeping pattern, a semester of brain-wrenching university, 6 months of emotionally-exhaustive work and a splash of stress from day-to-day life, but my God… I think this year has made me a little bitter, to say the least! And why must I start off with this weak justification for my so-called ruthlessness? Because I am here today to rant about friends.

Now, now, don’t get me wrong, I beg of you, because I’d even go as far as to say that I am more reliant on my friends than I am on my family. As unfortunate as that sounds, it is the truth, but in all honesty, it’s not all that bad – I mean, many of us consider our closest friends to be ‘family’ anyway. And I love them most dearly, but that isn’t to say that at times, it feels as though they are intentionally trying to wear me down.

For this post, I’m going to go into a little bit of personal context to illustrate where ‘it’ had all begun; so let us get settled, because I’m not sure about you, but I can feel a rather ‘extensive’ post coming up!

So, our story evolves around the friendship group, predominantly consisting of high school friends – I’m sure you all know what I mean; there’s always that ‘general’ group of friends, let’s say maybe 20 or so people? And within that group, there are smaller groups of more tightly knit friends of around 5.

From the general group, a girl organised to go out for her birthday. Sounds good, yeah? I mean, a typical birthday plan for people our age, right? The problem was that the girl in question was, well, a little questionable in character. Unfortunately, she was the girl who had drunk too much at parties during school, as she’d start off drinking a few to fit in, before getting out of hand. She wanted to be liked – understandable, I mean, it was high school. And on top of that, she… wasn’t necessarily sexually ‘active’ (at this point at least), per say, but was… let’s say an eager young lady… And leave it at that for now. Continuing on. At this stage she was single.

Now, the general group was happy to go out for her birthday despite perceptions. To the evening’s events, a closer friend of mine had decided to invite a fellow from primary school along – he’d moved back in our area after leaving at the end of primary school. Seems like a nice opportunity to meet new people and make some friends. Great. So summarise, after that evening, the fellow and the birthday girl had become a couple. Cute.

For the next few months, everything was quiet. Until the girl went overseas for her gap year with a few other members of the general group, leaving this poor fellow back home. After under a week or so, they had broken things off, and the birthday girl had disconnected her Facebook (without warning) and was free to ‘meet’ new people on her trip, despite being with friends…

By this time, the fellow has joined a smaller group of closer friends, and simultaneously was broken-hearted, meaning the ex was a repeated conversation topic. Anyhow, still, this was fine – he was just getting over things, and it was just him talking, and it was going to pass. But wait for it. Come New Year’s Eve… At the end, we go our separate ways to find our way home in small groups. This fellow and a girl from the small group he had joined have a one-nighter… Then all hell breaks loose what with ‘betrayal’ and a lot of anger being thrown around into a tumultuous hurricane of emotions. Bad thing: well, what I’d just mentioned. Good thing: I was not directly involved (but that isn’t to say that this was not a recurring conversation topic).

A couple of months passed, and things gradually started to calm down. Of course, everyone knew of the events which had occurred. Then the aforementioned small group goes camping; optimistic, eh? Myself and several others were invited as well, but looking at the tense situation, as well as the fact that this camping trip was a thing which that small group did yearly and we didn’t want to ring-in, we declined the offer. Except one. This one was from my close circle of friends, and no offence, but lacks social ‘consciousness’ – blind to the fact that he may be ringing-in and unaware of the rest of our hesitancy, he goes along. Anyhow, the fellow and another member, although not all the way, did hit it off. Well, that just fed more kindle to that fire from hell, didn’t it? On the plus side, that ‘fling’ wasn’t a one-off, and they’re a couple.

Anyhow, my point is, being somewhat attached to these events is exhausting, and is frustrating to deal with to say the least, especially when you’re trying to organise group events and not do anything which can be perceived as ‘favouritism’.

But those events aren’t my only concern. But the other concerns have sprouted from these… Here’s the briefing:

The fellow’s girlfriend is a good friend of mine, however, since leaving school, she has seemed to prioritise things in such a way that I am feeling that I am being taken granted of – treated more so as a back-up friend where I am more relied to be there simply when she can find no one else

The guy who had tagged along to the camping trip (the ‘ring-in’), ever since the trip, has basically taken the aforementioned girl from me; it annoys me simply because I don’t want to be that selfish person, but I feel as though he, having no social awareness, has just pushed me aside and taken that friend from me, which, from my perspective is selfish. What makes it worse is that this is not the first time it has occurred. Which ultimately leads to me questioning why I cannot seem to ‘keep’ these friends… And I cannot ask him to back away, because that is simply more selfish and unreasonable. Ugh, thanks for that… This friend also does not now how to prioritise his friends – or more that he prioritises explicitly which is inappropriate, especially when his girlfriend is involved and she is clearly placed lower than his other friends, and frequently ‘joking’ how attractive his girlfriend’s younger sister is in front of the said girlfriend.

People (besides the guy above) are still aggressive and bitter towards the ‘newly’ formed couple

I have friends who have basically detached themselves since leaving school; I can understand the wanting to meet knew people and exploring new places and ideas, but (not caring that I am sounding selfish anymore) I don’t think it is fair to be simply ignored or avoided or under-prioritised because there are ‘new’ people. I think I wouldn’t be complaining about this if they’d gone to the effort to at least respond to messages, or decline with regret and promises of catching up

And in general, I despise it when friends:

– Suddenly stop replying to text messages, especially when you’re trying to organise something, and all you’re after is a yes or no

– All of a sudden cancel on you with a lack of proper apology or legitimate excuse

– Respond to events with ‘maybe’, simply because they want to see if they get a better offer – which I find rude, and do not appreciate being treated as a last resort; I would rather someone decline because they did not like the plans themselves

– People complain about certain topics or people, and when you (for that said person – often because they had asked you to) bring this topic up for discussion in open either do not support you in what you’re saying (because of others present), or give non-definitive responses as to protect themselves; both of these essentially resulting in myself being shoved under the bus. Fun

– Friends who aren’t your closest friends who make assumptions on situations (e.g. on events which had occurred), or myself or my friends, as if they know better than you do; I’m not trying to sound self-righteous here, but I’m sure we have all been there when someone has made unwarranted comments on something you’re sure that you know more about, whether it be because you were there when whatever event took place, or because you have known someone for longer than him/her

– Even within smaller groups, anything mentioned can easily be contorted, disfigured and manipulated, so that there is always someone who is an antagonist; who’s to blame in the end? You, of course, because you started it all by recounting your weekend

– Friends who complain about something, but do nothing to rectify this; this especially frustrates me when I have been elected to organise something because no one else wanted to, and come the event, the attendees complain about how everything had been managed, despite not having helped in any way or mentioned anything during the organising process about points you didn’t like

I understand that after this post, you must all think that I am the most selfish person as far as friendships go… But I think it was worth is – I mean, I got to vent, I know that that isn’t the case, and those of you who read this and myself don’t know each other anyhow! And you must also think that I am some sort of over-clingy individual who leeches on people who don’t want to be my friend… But I assure you that many of the people (both mentioned and not mentioned) are my friends – I was just having an aggravating day, and was merely picking at the little bits and pieces. And don’t be on your high horse and say you don’t have even one thing that doesn’t annoy you about many of your friends – friends aren’t necessarily someone who you think is 100% perfection, but are people who have flaws which can be easily looked over because the qualities you love are undeniably greater than these so-called flaws.

Anyhow, I’m knackered, so off I go. I feel like this was a somewhat underwhelming post, so I apologise for that. I’ll try and post more soon. Thanks, and goodnight!


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