So, what’s all this, then? Well, I guess in simple terms, it’s a place to criticise and celebrate the First world and all it has to offer.

Just like any other blog, this is subjective – ‘one man’s trash is another man’s treasure’ can easily apply here; feel free to comment and discuss, but people, let’s keep it civil, yeah? Thanks!

And as far as I go, not much disclosure is necessarily, I don’t think. But just for friendliness’ sake, here are five useless points regarding myself:

  1. I currently reside in Australia
  2. I am 19 years of age
  3. I attend university
  4. I can be rather technologically and socially inept
  5. My favourite colour is blue

Wasn’t that enthralling? Well, lucky for us both, the posts-to-be will (hopefully) be more exciting than that (imagine that)!

That’s it for now, but talk to you soon, yeah?



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