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Look, guys and girls, like I’d mentioned, on the occasion, I’m going to be talking about the pro’s of the First World, just to even things out, you know? So, as fun as it is to have a cry together, let’s just remember that there are things that make us, at least, somewhat happy (surprise!). But because I feel like the positives are much easier to cover in a short amount of words, unless it’s some “amaze-balls” (yes, I regrettably just wrote that…) thought or thing, I’ll be covering two or even three happiness-inducers (this is going to get overwhelming).

Let’s start.

Froyo. That word probably sums it up for many of you; but in case it doesn’t, come on, people, what are you doing with your lives? So, for all you inexperienced ones out there, “Froyo” is a “hip” abbreviation for frozen yoghurt. For the few that depressingly are unaware of what frozen yoghurt is… Well, the name says it all, doesn’t it? It has the consistency of somewhere between yoghurt and ice cream – I somehow doubt it’s not as easy as chucking your favourite tub of yoghurt in the freezer overnight to produce though… Damn… It also has a slightly different taste, which I can’t describe. But basically, it’s de-freakin’-licious; the ‘yoghurt’ itself can come in various flavours, from vanilla to green tea, and on top of that (it just keeps getting better), you get to choose toppings. And who doesn’t love toppings?! Who?! My personal favourites are fruit or Oreos; just saying. Anyhow, despite the whether, despite my mood, Froyo’s just make my day with its delightful, healthy freshness, unlike a pre-chewed Macca’s burger which make your arteries cry, and your heart sweat with fear.

Now, my second pro for the day: winter sleep-ins. As suggested, this is not just any sleep-in of the year, but specifically winter. Don’t get me wrong, when people ask me ‘what’s your favourite season’ (not a daily occurrence, but it has occurred), I’d immediately opt for summer – I mean, I live in Australia, what kind of question is that, right? But that being said, I don’t hate any seasons. I’m not afraid to say that I also love winter. Predominantly because of its freshness; the air just feels that much lighter, and breathable, you know? Anyhow, back to the sleep-ins. What I was saying was that the freshness of winter just make those Saturday and Sunday morning sleep-ins infinitesimally better: you’re just cosily cocooned in the depths of your blanket and pillows, not too hot and not too cold, and on top of that, you know you have nothing on for the rest of the day to worry about. Then by the time you wake up, the sun is high up above, without a cloud in the sky: the perfect time to just lounge with your back absorbing the sun’s rays like some semi-hibernated reptile. Pure joy, that’s what it is. And you can even sweeten the deal with a cup of your favourite hot chocolate (or for many of you, coffee), and waste the day away, like the weekend was never-ending.

So, everyone, if that didn’t make you slightly joyous… It at least made me happier. So, thanks for that! Like last time, comment, discuss etc. etc. and I shall get back to you soon.


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