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To Whom It May Concern,

Admittedly, it has been years since I have last visited this blog of mine. I’m not making excuses, as in all honesty, I don’t really feel guilty, and consequently, I’m not apologising. The reality being, I fell out of habit (this isn’t to say I stopped enjoying writing or appreciated its catharsis any less); life carried along and I was swept away with it.  

More or less embarrassingly, the reason for my reappearance has been another ‘tick’, a trigger, a leave – call it what you will. So, here it goes:

Recently, I found myself driving my friend home after the movies. Proudly enough, I have never been one to exceed the speed limit – however subordinate I may come across, I take driving seriously wherein I know very well that I am not the best of drivers and don’t feel the need to jeopardise this privilege let alone those around me by indulging my impatience. I don’t feel the need to apologise or feel guilty (for a change) when I am travelling at the designated pace and you’re in a rush simply due to your own incapacity to manage your time more appropriately. In the same realm of thought, I feel that it is not so hard to respect others. What I’m leading to is that if someone indicates to switch lanes (for example), simply let them in as you would hope for if the roles had been reversed. I bring this up because as I was driving that night (around 1130pm), a car behind me and I were both changing to the adjacent lane. We both indicated as necessary. However, when it actually came to my changing lanes, the other car sped up, by which point I had started my switch. For this reason, the other car felt it appropriate to honk their horn. I have been wrong before many a times and will continue to be so without doubt, but I simply have to question whether I was actually in the wrong, or whether people just need to relax.

I guess, ultimately, this thought was triggered because I have spent the last 5 years in retail. Before going on, I’m aware that the industry is quite exhausting – I haven’t naively continued to work without knowing that it is difficult to always be the best version of yourself regardless of what is thrown at you (literally and figuratively). But this has not prevented my disappointment in most of the public. 

Please believe me when I say this is no mere and pathetic complaint about how hard a child of the 90s has it in this world. It is a plea towards however many readers there are out there to just indulge my hopes for a moment. And I apologise if this comes across blunt or aggrrssive, but the message must be conveyed: I beg of you to get over yourselves (ironic given the nature of this post, o understand). What I mean by it is please take a moment to be aware of how you’re treating people. It sounds simple, but I have come to think otherwise. Too many times have I come across people who feel that they can get what they want by being aggressive. Dominant. Patronising and condescending.  Intimidating. These people do not consider the emotional impact their actions behold upon the listener. I understand that somethings may be someone’s ‘fault, but what good does it do to push theadness around? I am so sick of those that feel that they are entitled to that much more than those that surround them simply based on their pay check or some probably mislplaced idea that they’ve earned the right given how hard they have worked. Customer service is not congruent with slavery. Aggressively taking what you feel you have a right towards is not a win, especially since we on the other side did not ask for a battle to begin with.  Kindness and selflessness should not be synonymous with feeble-minded obedience and weak will. If anything, I insist that we change our perspective such that we admire those that are able to put others first; for these souls to be placed on a pedestal every so often rather than considering them to be your target to be broken. To be cracked open, like one of those chocolate eggs only so that you can grab at the toy inside.

There are still many things that the us to each other, the most undeniable being the human experience. Strip back the chaos, the prejudice, the ego of it all, and we are fundamentally the same. We are trying to get by, however ornately or minimalistically that may be. So, as I wrap this up (feeling deflated and defeated by the world), here is my plea, my wish, my hope:

Take a moment to appreciate – the things that you have and the people surrounding you. Continue to work hard, because then you know that what you gain is what you have earned (and sometimes, it may seem like you’ve been hustled, but there is no problem with developing a tenacious work ethic). Treat each person with the respect that they deserve as a human, and never perceive them to be lesser than you. They, like you, are trying. And lastly, stop pushing your problems to those that are not at fault. I myself admit I can be a hypocrite here, but more often than not, I price myself in being able to suck it up and carry on. There is a difference between venting and lashing out. We simply cannot afford to spread and grow the hate that already exists in this world. There is always someone to talk to, so why should it be okay to ignore the help that is so selflessly available just so that you can selfishly infect another with anger, confusion, disappointment, sadness – whatever it may be? Just ask yourself, who gave you the right?

Be kind.

Be selfless.

Be mindful.

Be human.

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